Mt. Eitan Cheese

Generations of Artisanal Cheese Making

Mt. Eitan Creamery in Sonoma County, California
was specifically designed as an atelier to create cheese as a form of art.
The creamery honors the knowledge and years of experience of the pioneering Seltzer family goat farm and creamery in the Judean Mountains.
Discovering the characteristics of seasonally changing milk and paring optimal artisanal cheese making techniques,
allows us to create a unique and multi-layered taste experience.

Sundays at Sebastopol Farmer's Market
Bodega Country Store / Bodega
Sonoma Wine Shop - La Bodega in Sebastopol
Wm Cofield  / The Barlow, Sebastopol
Marla SR bakery /  Santa Rosa
Petaluma Market / Petaluma
Oakville Grocery / Healdsburg
Rainbow Grocery / San Francisco

From the Media

"He went from herding goats in Israel to making ‘sublime’ cheese in Sonoma ... Mt. Eitan Cheese is a new brand of goat cheese crafted in Sonoma County ... I truly felt I was being taken on a cheese journey, led by a master... "

Alix Wall, The Jewish News of North California

The good food hour radio show in KSRO, with Chef John Ash and host Steve Garner, interviewing Omer and talking and tasting  Mt. Eitan Cheese "after discovering it at the farmer's market and being 'knocked out' of the cheese"...
(from minute 26:30)

Good Food Hour, KSRO Sonoma's county radio, Chef John Ash and Steve Garner 

 "At this farm in the Jerusalem hills, profits take second place to the production of rare goat cheeses with complex flavors..."

Ronit Verd, HAARETZ

 "Best morning ever with Omer Seltzer at his family’s goat farm with the most incredible cheese"

Chef Mike Solomonov, Instagram